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Why yes, of course you can have your horses and dogs included in the family photos!! After all, they are family!

Family Photos | Loxahatchee, Fl

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Why yes, of course you can have your horses and dogs included in the family photos!! After all, they are family!

Family Photos | Loxahatchee, Fl

Fine Art

Jessi and Jordan photographed at Casperey Stables in Loxahatchee, Fl.

Jessi and Jordan | Loxahatchee, Fl

I love this pair so much! My daughter rides at the same barn as Kayla and Tickle and they are just the best! I have watched Kayla turn into a rockstar of a rider and she is such a great role model for my daughters! She’s even sweet enough to let me girls ride her […]

Kayla and Tickle

Trainer, Elizabeth Constantin, of Boca Riding Club photographer with a couple of her main lesson horses, Harvey and Cooper.  

Liz with her geldings Harvey and Cooper


Holly makes a regular appearance on my website, social media platforms, phone, you name it, she’s there. My daughter rides Holly and she was the first horse my daughter truly felt comfortable on and gained confidence with. A face you haven’t seen though yet is Katie, my sister in law, Holly’s momma. I finally convinced […]

Katie and her mares Holly and Tinkerbell

Beth and Roscoe both work in the mounted unit for the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office. I’ve known Beth for a long time and it was such a pleasure to take hers and Roscoe’s photos! Such a gorgeous pair! I mean come on can we just check out those dapples!! I’m a sucker for dapples!! […]

Beth and Roscoe

Micah Quraeshi, dressage rider for Team Israel, sponsored by Team Kraft.

Micah and Zilano


Della at Whillans Equine out in Loxahatchee Groves, Fl. “Can you come take photos of my very pregnant mare?” “UM ABSOLUTELY!!”

Della | Loxahatchee Groves, Fl | Equine Photographer

One of the best things about being a photographer is being able to get beautiful photos of my daughters. My oldest daughter Emma loves to ride so we decided to do a last minute photoshoot with Holly, one of the horses she rides. The light had been so beautiful out the entire week so we […]

Emma and Holly | Horse and Rider | Wellington, FL | Equine Photographer

Having to reschedule twice for weather and sickness, I was super excited to finally do this shoot with Emma! It may have rained twice during our session but that was no biggie! Just some short Florida summer showers. They were timed perfectly with an outfit change! Here are my favorites from the session!

Emma with Della and Whiskey | Horse and Rider | Loxahatchee Groves, Fl | Equine Photographer


I went down to Delray Equestrian Center to get some sale photos of Abby’s three thoroughbreds and of course we had to get some portraits of well. Even if they’re only with you for a short amount of time it’s important to remember those times!

Abby | Sale Photos | Delray Equestrian Center | Equine Photographer

When I drove in to see the driveway lined with Oak trees I knew I wanted to use that spot during the session. Then as I drove to the back of the barn I realized how many beautiful spots there were to photograph. Well, we were just going to have to use as many as […]

Katrina with Zepelim and Belloona | Wellington, FL | Equine Photographer

Sara is the best!! She’s very professional but also a ton of fun! I got beautiful photos of myself and my horses at our golden hour shoot, couldn’t be happier!

- Katrina

"Professional but fun!"

- KAtie

"You will not find a better photographer than Sara Malanaphy. Whether she is capturing the attention of my kids or making happy ears on my horses, Sara manages to take the most amazing photos that will last a lifetime! I highly recommend Sara for all of your photography needs.

"You will not find a better photographer."