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Holly makes a regular appearance on my website, social media platforms, phone, you name it, she’s there. My daughter rides Holly and she was the first horse my daughter truly felt comfortable on and gained confidence with. A face you haven’t seen though yet is Katie, my sister in law, Holly’s momma. I finally convinced Katie to take photos with both of her mares and we actually ended up doing two different sessions. We had it all planned out for just one day but 30 minutes before our session we had a huge thunderstorm come rolling in. Florida, am I right?! We were already ready so we just decided to take photos anyway for as long as we could. We only got a solid 30 minutes!

The next day however, we had the most beautiful light! Each session we did has its own vibe and I love both! No matter whether we have golden light or thunderstorms on the way we will get some fantastic images! These two sessions are proof of that!


Sara is the best!! She’s very professional but also a ton of fun! I got beautiful photos of myself and my horses at our golden hour shoot, couldn’t be happier!

- Katrina

"Professional but fun!"

- KAtie

"You will not find a better photographer than Sara Malanaphy. Whether she is capturing the attention of my kids or making happy ears on my horses, Sara manages to take the most amazing photos that will last a lifetime! I highly recommend Sara for all of your photography needs.

"You will not find a better photographer."