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Meet Sara

I had so much fun with these two! They are seriously so clearly in love and so excited to be parents! And can I just say they were the perfect models who absolutely loved being in front of the camera! Doree and Taylor knew what I was going to have them do before I even asked them! I think it’s just because Taylor couldn’t help but keep his hands off his beautiful wife!! I mean, I can’t blame him! She was positively glowing!!! Such a stunning mama to be!

We had the windiest day in Palm Beach along the beach but it turned out so great!! It cleared everyone off the beach, so we basically had the whole place to ourselves! Score!! The wind gave us such great waves and so much movement in our photos!! Sometimes your not so ideal beach day turns out to be an amazing day for photographs!!

I just know these two are going to be amazing, fun, loving parents and I am so excited for them to start their journey!! Doree and Taylor, it was so fun spending time with you and I really hope I can meet your little one if you’re ever in South Florida again!!


Sara is the best!! She’s very professional but also a ton of fun! I got beautiful photos of myself and my horses at our golden hour shoot, couldn’t be happier!

- Katrina

"Professional but fun!"

- KAtie

"You will not find a better photographer than Sara Malanaphy. Whether she is capturing the attention of my kids or making happy ears on my horses, Sara manages to take the most amazing photos that will last a lifetime! I highly recommend Sara for all of your photography needs.

"You will not find a better photographer."