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I saw the giant 3-0 balloons rounding the corner first and then the beautiful woman behind them as I met up with Melissa and her boyfriend on Worth Ave. She looked amazing in her black dress and her hair and makeup was done beautifully! Now, normally, Worth Ave is not very crowded but this in season Saturday afternoon, the crowds were definitely a little more packed than usual. So thank goodness Melissa had a lot of patience and could hold a pose because we definitely had to get the timing right between crowds!

Not only was it super crowded but it was very windy! So we decided to save the balloons for our second location since we had more building coverage! From these images you would never know what we were battling because Melissa was just an absolute rockstar! I can’t even tell you how many people walked by and told her how amazing and fantastic she looked!

As we moved to our second location it was a bit less windy so we decided that the balloons would work best there. Trying to hold them as regular balloons didn’t work because the wind was pushing them around too much. So we figured she could hold a balloon in each hand. Well, the wind was absolutely not on our side and as I stepped back to take the shot…you won’t believe it..the 0 FLEW AWAY!! These giant 33 inch balloons didn’t stand a chance with the 18mph winds we were having even being between buildings.

As I watched the 0 float away in the beautiful Florida sky my heart sank a little bit. There’s no way that balloon is just going to magically come back. I looked over to Melissa and she looked a bit shocked but then was not even phased by it less than 30 seconds later. She handed the 3 back over to her boyfriend and said “I don’t know why I even needed those anyway.” She handled the situation like a champ. Melissa did not let it phase or ruin her session in the least!

Then something so funny happened! I saw one of my sister-in-laws friends downtown taking photos for her upcoming graduation with 1-8 balloons. I had an idea and asked her if we could use her balloons in our photos for a funny prop and she said YES! So we got to do something that to others may not have made much sense but it created such a lasting and funny memory for us!!

Even without the balloons, there are so many spots down on Worth Ave to create such beautiful images. We had so much fun walking around and finding the beautiful spots! At the end of the day Melissa was the main focus of her session and she looked absolutely beautiful! Happy 30th Birthday Melissa! I hope you have the most amazing birthday!!


Sara is the best!! She’s very professional but also a ton of fun! I got beautiful photos of myself and my horses at our golden hour shoot, couldn’t be happier!

- Katrina

"Professional but fun!"

- KAtie

"You will not find a better photographer than Sara Malanaphy. Whether she is capturing the attention of my kids or making happy ears on my horses, Sara manages to take the most amazing photos that will last a lifetime! I highly recommend Sara for all of your photography needs.

"You will not find a better photographer."