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So let me just say, two boys, ages 7 and 4, plus two horses = one crazy session! But, I LOVED every minute of it! When you go into a session thinking about how chaotic it could possibly get, then have the session we did, it seems like a breeze! These two boys absolutely have my heart, not just because they’re my nephews, but because they are down right good kids!

We started off the session with Kevin and it was all smiles and fun! He came running up to me first and he looked great in his boots, nice jeans and plaid button down! He was ready to go! Kevin was such a good listener and boy, does he love his horse, Holly! The snuggles between them were absolutely adorable!

Kyle came riding up on Belle ready to photograph! He looked so dapper in his polo and nice jeans! Between the smiles we got, were many more silly faces! Kyle loves to be silly and joke around! But we were definitely able to get those smiles!!

While the boys refused to get in the same picture together, boys will be boys, I was able to “sneak” some of them together on their way back to the barn! HA! Don’t let them know your tricks!

At the end of the day, though Kevin may have lasted longer in the smiles department, we were able to get so many great memories for these boys and their horses. Our kids grow up so quickly and our 4 legged friends unfortunately aren’t around forever, so it is so important that we cherish these times and have these special moments to look back on forever! 

Sara is the best!! She’s very professional but also a ton of fun! I got beautiful photos of myself and my horses at our golden hour shoot, couldn’t be happier!

- Katrina

"Professional but fun!"

- KAtie

"You will not find a better photographer than Sara Malanaphy. Whether she is capturing the attention of my kids or making happy ears on my horses, Sara manages to take the most amazing photos that will last a lifetime! I highly recommend Sara for all of your photography needs.

"You will not find a better photographer."